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Recommendations Overcoming problems of reaction, repetition, results, and raising funds

Figure: 1.3

Overcoming the Four Rs: Recommendations Overcoming problems of reaction, repetition, results, and raising funds requires the following. The first is strong leadership to articulate ashort-andmedium-termvision ,galvanizing support for such a vision both inside and outsidean institution, and diversifying the funding base of that organization. Such diversification of funding cannot, however, contradict the strategic vision of the institution or the leadership. Strong leadership requires the building of coalitions within the broad and expansive global health community and relying less on donors to outline policy objectives. Hence those articulating global health policy must be separate to those who fund health policy. This is not easily achieved, as donor soften want to know where their money is going, and private philanthropists seek to

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Recommendations Overcoming problems of reaction, repetition, results, and raising funds
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invest in those causes they deem to be the most worthwhile. Actors should play to their strengths and assert their experience, expertise, and legitimacy. Global policy-making needs to be less driven by global finance for health. Money is intrinsic for the delivery of drugs, education campaigns, medical supplies, construction of health centres, health worker training, and a whole host of issues. However, the need to generate, maintain, and increase funds should exist separately to policy-making, otherwise policy-making is more reactionary and less visionary and strategic. Second, key principles of public health – the right to health, distributive justice, question so fequality inaccess to healthcare,and how different people experience good or bad health–mustbere-engagedwithasamatterofpolicypractice(seeChapters4,10,12,25, and 28). Results-based frameworks and the need for a return on investment should not exclude such commitments and principles. One way of reintroducing these themes is to bring the public back into discussions on global health and making the private – including philanthropic organizations – subject to the same accountability and transparency structures as public bodies, whether governmental or intergovernmental. Whilst private actors may not be spending taxpayers’ money, they have considerable influence on the health of the world’s population. The plurality of actors and ideas is a unique and positive component of global health, yet such plurality needs to translate to decision- and policy-making and be held to account. Third, global health policy must be designed in-country, by the government, as the elected government through public engagement and discussion sees fit.Global institutions suchastheWorldBankandtheGlobalFundshouldprovidesupportthroughfinanceand assuchcanmakerecommendations,butsuchrecommendationsshouldnotformthebasis of conditional lending. Country-based agendas will make health strategies more context specific, will reduce the burden on state-based health agencies that often have to juggle competing donor demands, and will avoid repetition in the formation of health policy. Focusing on country-based strategies will invert current structures of policy-making so that implementers of policy at the local level become the policy formulators and those who currently make policy at the global level concentrate on working with countries on effective implementation.


look at the Systems Model on the policy process, Figure 1.3 (Problem Identification, Policy Formulation, Policy Implementation, Policy Evaluation)

Write a paper with the purpose of overcoming the problems described by the four Rs (Reaction, Repetition, Results, and Raising Funds) listed above

Assume the role of the leader who will be building a coalition by creating a policy vision for the internal and external stakeholders of your geographical area or country. First, begin by identifying the deficiencies in a global policy that you have researched so that you can establish a policy vision by determining the needed funding for the services you feel must be provided and including that in the policy.

Explain how your policy would benefit your target population. Include the following headings/sections in your submission:

· Introduction—Describe the population affected by the policy

· Deficiencies of—Name of Global Policy

· Vision of Changes—Needed what needs to change to make the policy better

· Gaining Support for the Vision—Internal and external

· Needed Funding—Where will funding come from for services discussed in the policy

· Conclusions

· References

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

· Be 3-4 pages in length, not including the cover or reference pages.

· Provide support for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of six scholarly articles. Two of these sources may be from the class readings, textbook, or lectures, but four must be external.

· Be formatted according to APA writing guidelines.

· Remember to utilize headings to organize the content in your work.

· No pliagiarism

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