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Do a research on the American cancer society


Some of the carcinogens that people are aware of and still expose themselves to include skin tan. Both indoor and out door tanning exposes individuals to the dangers of UV rays: UVB and UVA which can damage the skin resulting in skin cancer- Melanoma. (Indoor Tanning- Skin Cancer, 2018). Others are alcoholic beverages, Tobacco / Cigarette smoke. Most eople who use these substances know they are not healthy and exposes them to serious health proplems like cancer but would still consume them either due to addictive nature of these subsatnces or as their way of coping with stressful conditions. It is found that cigarette smoke alone contains numerous carcinigenic substances like NNN, NNK, NAT, tar, quinoline etc. The warnings are every where in the media, in schools, churches, and health care institutions yet, people continue to expose themselves to these toxic substances.

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Do a research on the American cancer society
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American cancer society was established in 1913 to address the concern of cancer and was called at the time as the American Society for the Control Cancer. The organization is dedicated to reaching out to people diagnosed with cancer and continue to explore research on the best treatment and cancer preventions. The agency is diversified and has many branches all over America and is known for the provision of good education and support for cancer patients. In the provision of education and support, the agency has qualified nurses and educationists who are ready to guide newly diagnosed patient on how to live positively. Considerably, depending on the need can help through outreach programs by matching you with a volunteer who will talk with you about coping with the condition through treatment. The agency offers financials support and education by connecting them with valuable services and resource in their community. The service I would recommend for them is the online community and support. This is because at diagnosis connecting with others who have been through the same can provide comfort and support

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