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Using Electronic Health Records

Using Electronic Health Records (HER) is the strategic plan 2015-2010 for Federal Health IT. The plan indicated that records can be shared over various heath care settings through internet connected to the system. EHR may incorporate a scope of information, including patient administration, visit history, active and inactive medication, vital signs and billing information (Habib 2010).EMR finds a patient’s past paper restorative records and helps with guaranteeing information is correct and clear. It can reduce the danger of information replication as there is just one file for every patient. Within this plan patient file gets updated automatically and that will reduce the risk of papers getting lost. EHR frameworks are intended to store information correctly and to catch the condition of a patient every time they visit their provider.The strategic plan has five goals to be achieved. The first goals of the strategic plan are about expanding the adoption of health IT. Researchers found that nine out of ten physicians surveyed say they are interested in the health technology due to the benefit from that system in monitoring patient’s conditions, beside that any provider within the same system will have access to patient’s progress (Habib 2010). The second goal is the advance secure and interoperable health information which is about ensuring that all the patients information is protected by all the system. It is the safest and the best way to make sure patient’s information is protected, privet and exclude to the authorized users. The third goal is to strengthen the health care delivery by Improving the health care quality, the access, and experience through safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and person-centered, Moreover, supporting the delivery of high-value health services. The fifth goal is to improve individuals and the community’s health and well-being, as well as encourage and support the care giver and health management system. The fourth goal is expanding the availability to research, get knowledge and innovation. Besides that, the system will be available to consistently interpret researches on how IT can improve health and care delivery.The strategy mean a lot to healthcare, make the process for any patient’ visit faster smother and completely organized as well as decrease the number of pharmacy phone calls regarding prescriptions as the use of the e- prescribing feature will reduce paper and hand written papers and will help keep truck with any active, inactive and history of patient’s mediation. The strategy will be an effective way to maximize the amount of revenue to the organization as well as making employees within any organization less stressed about protecting patient information and that will make them focused on providing their best performing and that will positively reflect on the customer satisfaction with the services being delivered by the company.
Hi i just need a response to the answer by saying we agree with the strategic plan given in the solution and also talk more about it in 50 words with in text citations. reference page neededplease find the attachment.

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Using Electronic Health Records
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