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Nutrition for Health

Nutrition for Health

Paper instructions:
Topic : Abstract 1: Food guide pyramid abstract. ( please describe the pyramid and compare it to the my plate icon.)

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Nutrition for Health
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Select journal for Weekly abstracts and papers:

•    Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior
•    American Journal of Health Promotion
•    American Journal of Public Health
•    Journal of the American Medical Association
•    New England journal of Medicine
•    Journal of Nutrition
•    Journal of School Health
•    Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and D ietetics (Formerly the Journal of the American Dietetic Association )

•    Journal of Clinical Nutrition
•    Journal of Health Efducation
•    Journal of Hunger and Enviromental Nitrition
•    American Journal of Perventive Medicine
•    Health education Quarterly
•    Obesity Reviews
•    Childhood Obesity
•    International Journal of Behavior, nutrition, and Physical Activiy

Assignment :

Abstract based on a research article written in a peer-reiewed Journal. The abstract will correspond to the topic being discussed that evening. Easg abstract

should include the journal cititaion. The abstract is to be about 300 words, single spaced, 12 point front. Clearly summurise the article
This assignment is your opportunity to tailor this nutrition course to either the science of nutrition or art of nutrition education

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