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IT Auditing

2000 word paper, apa format on chapters 7 & 8 of the provided pdf-ebook. Please follow provided rubric
IAAS 332 Authentication and Audits
Class Papers Guide and Grading Rubric
Assistance with APA style and formatting, as well as research assistance can be found through the DU Library services.
Papers 1 & 2 should be 1700 to 2000 pages in length.
Final paper should be 2500 to 3000 words in length.
The paper’s Introduction, Body, and Conclusion combined must meet the minimum word requirement. The word requirement does not include the title page, the reference pages, graphs and tables. MS Office has a word meter in the lower left corner. Use this to measure length. Using number of words as a measure of size allows you to insert pictures, graphs, tables, etc.
Grading Rubric for final paper follows base on 200 points. Half the point values will be awarded for the short term papers (100 pts) and a quarter of the points for 50 point essay exam questions.
Document Preview:

IT Auditing, Second Edition Reviews “This guidance will enable an auditor to properly determine the scope of the control environment and residual risks. The authors present the information in an easy-to- consume but comprehensive format that generates both thought and action.” —Kurt Roemer, Chief Security Strategist Citrix “IT Auditing, Second Edition is a must-have resource for auditors in today’s complex computing world. This book is filled with the essential how-to guidance necessary to effectively audit today’s technology.” —Shawn Irving, Sr Manager IT Security Standards & Compliance Southwest Airlines – Information Technology “Traditional IT audits have focused on enterprise systems using enterprise-based tools. As enterprise systems move to outsourced and cloud-based services, new cloud-based tools are needed to audit these distributed systems. Either enterprise vendors will rewrite their tools to address cloud-based systems or new and existing cloud-based tools will be used to assist auditors with these distributed systems. The book gives good insights on how to address these new challenges and provides recommendations on auditing cloud-based services.” —Matthew R. Alderman, CISSP, Director, Product Management Qualys, Inc. “An essential contribution to the security of Information Systems in the dawn of a wide-spread virtualized computing environment. This book is crucial reading for anyone responsible for auditing information systems.” —Peter Bassill CISSP, CITP ISACA Security Advisory Group and CISO of Gala Coral Group “We used the first edition in the graduate IT Audit and Risk Management class during the past year, and it was an outstanding resource for students with diverse backgrounds. I am excited about the second edition as it covers new areas like cloud computing and virtualized environments, along with updates to reflect emerging issues. The authors have done a great job at capturing the essence of IT risk management for…

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IT Auditing
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