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Evolution of Health Care Systems

Evolution of Health Care Systems Presentation

Outline. Please use APA, Time New Roman 12.

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Evolution of Health Care Systems
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Preparea detailed 2- to 3-page outline of the Evolution

of Health Care Systems Presentation .

The name of the organization is Genesis Health care.

Includethe following in your outline:

1). Name of the organization, and an Introduction of the Health care,

what the health care does, where is it located, Urban or Rural environment. Is the Genesis health care managed care operated in the Long-Term Care?

2). Stakeholders, professional organizations, and health

care professionals within the organization

3). Organization’s location and the services it provides

4) Technology that may affect delivery

5) External and internal factors affecting this organization

6) Quality indicators and levels of service used to

determine access to care

7). Conclusion

If references are used, provide them please with the solution.

Remember this is just an outline of 2-3 pages on Genesis Health Care.

NOTE: Genesis Health Care is real Health care, so research them on the internet , and prepare an outline using the above headings provided.

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