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Current economic trends.

Here are the directions and the previous papers with which to pull information from. This paper can’t be more than 10 pages long. Due August 19, 2016

I have to combine the 5 papers attached below to make the executive summary. Have also attached the directions as well as put them in this window. 

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Current economic trends.
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Written Executive Summary

you will recalculate theportfolio’s market value and compare it to its value at the beginning of the period, to determine if any change has taken place. If changes are observed (either positive or negative), you will investigate the causes and suggest revised techniques for achieving your declared goals and objectives.Present your selections, results, and recommendations, based on your research and analysis throughout the duration of the course. Summarize your conclusions and rationale for constructing the optimal portfolio, from both a short-term and a long-term investment perspective. Synthesize all of these components for your final summation. Your written executive summary report should include the following elements:

Assemble all of the project component pieces you have completed for your project thus far in the course:

¥Unit 1: Current economic trends.

¥Unit 2: Initial investment portfolio.

¥Unit 3: Full security analysis.

¥Unit 4: Beta and portfolio return.

¥Unit 5: Securities assessment.

Use these assignments to complete an executive summary, analyzing the performance of the portfolio over the term.

¥A description of the market trends over the duration of the course: Discuss the latest problems and trends affecting your portfolio. Focus on relevant industries and companies, and the role they play in social and economic life at the local and national levels. Your detailed research should include current and future factors.

¥A report on economic data pertinent to each industry and each company in your portfolio: The Wall Street Journal is one potential source for this kind of information. Use this data to draw conclusions about the current and future health of the industries and companies in your portfolio. Include a brief chronicle of major events, with their associated effects on trading decisions, in an appendix.

¥Calculations of performance measures: These can usually be summarized in several tables and graphs, which should also be included in an appendix.

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