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Alzheimer’s disease Project

HNUR 2913 Leadership & Management Skills

Alzheimer’s disease Project

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Alzheimer’s disease Project
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You are educating a family on what to expect from, and how to take care of, their newly diagnosed family member battling Alzheimer’s disease.

Please educate the family on the specific topics:

ContentPoint ValuePoints Earned
The disease process (stages)15
How to react to behavior outburst10
At least 5 Common Medications and Education involved20
What to say, what not to say10
How to handle situations (bathing, dressing, feeding)10
The terminal nature of the illness10
How to connect with a client that has been diagnosed15
APA format (minimum of 3 references/in-text citations, cover page, reference page)5
Professional Writing Style (spelling, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation; ideas expressed clearly and concisely, appropriate vocabulary)5

· Assignment worth 100 points (10% of your grade)

· Limit paper to 2-3 pages (excluding cover and reference page)

· Use appropriate Level Headings (APA format)

· Cite references appropriately throughout paper and in reference list. Credit your sources appropriately by paraphrasing and/or using quotations.

· Completed paper submitted on canvas under designated submission area

· Refer to the following website for assistance with APA format:

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