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Nursing Practice Issue related to client situation



Assignment will be chosen related to clinical assignment. Each student will choose a client that you had had your clinical rotation for a case study that you want to investigate. The case study must be approved by your course instructor by the end of your third clinical rotation. The student will research their issue and find current evidence, at least three (3) peer-reviewed nursing research articles related to their condition/issue.

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Nursing Practice Issue related to client situation
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Two weeks prior to the due date of the paper as indicated on the course outline, the student will submit an outline of their paper to their course instructor that includes the student name, case study overview, nursing practice issue, and references in APA format.

The paper must include the following items: 1. Title Page with student’s name2. Client HPI/PMH 3. Client FMH/ROS

  1. Client Medications/Allergies
  2. Client PE that you completed
  3. Client Laboratory/Diagnostic Test results
  4. Nursing Practice Issue related to client situation
  5. How the RN has assigned/delegate/supervised LPN, Certificated Nurse Aide, MedicationAide, and the Unlicensed Personnel
  1. Short summary of the three research articles related to condition/issue
  2. References 

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