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Use of Informatics in Professional Nursing (1)

Use of Informatics in Professional Nursing (1)

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Use of Informatics in Professional Nursing (1)
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Informatics and technology in my nursing practice is very important because it allows me to able to access my patient’s electronic health record. Accessing a patient’s electronic health record allows me to see their lab values, vital signs, nursing orders, pass medications using the MAR, and document accordingly. We still use paper methods for certain situations; However, I think that in the future we will continue to steer away from paper methods and have complete electronic access. As electronic access continues to improve within all the different systems used between hospitals, it may ultimately expand globally. Thus, improving the continuity of care.

As stated in our lesson this week, nursing informatics is designed to “improve the health population, communities, families and individuals by optimizing information management and communication” (Massachusetts Action Coalition Future of Nursing, 2016, p. 12). However, ethical issues might arise from the use of technology and informatics. Examples include, but are not limited to a breach in confidentiality, wrongfully accessing information, and losing data that is pertinent to patient care (Hood, 2018, p. 374-375).

Research by Jelec, Sukalic, & Friganovic (2016), states that the greatest challenge that nurses face with modern technology is finding a balance between technology and human interaction (p. 26). I find this statement to be particularly interesting because it something I know I have a hard time balancing. How many times have I been guilty of being caught up with trying to complete my charting, especially on a busy day that I forget to take the time to sit down and have a conversation with my patients? As technology continues to improve, I can see this balance continue to be an issue between patients and healthcare professionals.


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