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Topic 6- Discussion Forum 6

Topic 6- Discussion Forum 6

Please write a Paragraph answering to this discussion below with your opinion:

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Topic 6- Discussion Forum 6
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I’m looking forward to meeting all different types of nurses and hear their stories. I’m excited about the opprotunity to obtain my BSN. I need my BSN for career advancement in this stage of my career. I look to gain knowledge and some new perspectives on future subjects. My greatest fear is the unknown. I like knowing what expectations are and what I am to expect from a program. My experience of fear was my first night as a nurse. My charge nurse that was training me left me alone on a med pass of over 45 patients in a long term care setting with a strick window to adhere to. First time to administer insulin by myself, in the long term facility we don’t use a second nurse to verify amount of insulin. So I conquered my fear pulling my drug book, and physican order to compare how much I was ordered to administered. Having resources that are available make it possible to conquer things of the unknown and asking questions.


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