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Root Cause Analysis Paper.

Root Cause Analysis Paper.

This a Root Cause Analysis Paper.

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Root Cause Analysis Paper.
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I am a nurse and I need a made up story about any situation that occurred that could have potentially caused harm to a patient. It could be a near miss, a patient fall, a medication error, or a patient acquiring a hospital associated infection.This a suppose to be a narrative so please make the story sound real as if I am writing it and it actually happened. I have uploaded some information that I hope helps.

Briefly present the situation, error/adverse event or case study. This is the “what happened?” portion of the RCA. Do not include any organizational, patient or staff identifiers. Be sure to include the impact on the patient, family and staff involved.
Next, present “why did it happen?” portion of the RCA. Identify the contributing factors to the incident.
Include a Cause & Effect Diagram (Fishbone Diagram) to illustrate the contributing factors to the adverse event (appendix)
APA format with a title page. Maximum 4 pages in length (excluding title page & Appendix).



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