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Response to DQ 10.1

Response to DQ 10.1

75 words, APA format, 1 Peer reviewed scholar source

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Response to DQ 10.1
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Global Health Agenda

Global health is becoming of more and more importance with the ease of travel and mobility of people (Milstead, 2016). This has in a sense aided the spread and management of communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis, and reemerging diseases such as polio and measles (Milstead, 2016). Prevention of the spread of communicable diseases is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to the global health agenda. Also of equal importance is providing aid and resources during environmental disasters such as the tsunami in Thailand and the earthquake in Haiti that left many devastated and destitute (Milstead, 2016). That being said social and economic justice also comes into play when discussing the global health platform (Milstead, 2016). Social justice involves the fair and ethical treatment of all human being and a right to health and life (Milstead, 2016). The economic agenda realizes the economic impact of poor health and pandemic outbreaks, and takes into consideration the growing markets of goods, pharmaceuticals, and services when it pertains to health (Busch, 2011). The Millennium Development Goals (MGDs)were goals established by the United Nations to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, improve universal primary education, have a reduction of child mortality rates, fight malaria, TB and other communicable disease, improve maternal outcomes, protect the environment, and develop global partnerships for for development (Nickitas, Middaugh, &Aries, 2016).

World Health Organization (WHO)

Opportunities to Advance

There have been many areas when the nurse practitioner and other disciplines can take an active approach in combating the global health issues. If direct care overseas is not possible from the practitioner, then education is always an available avenue. There are many of the neglected tropical disease (NTDs) and MGDs the care giver can educate the patient and public about, just increasing awareness and advocating for basic knowledge of these can place these topics in the spotlight (Smith, &Taylor, 2013). Nurses and other disciplines also have opportunities to serve overseas where foreign aid is needed during times of environmental disasters. The WHO relies on nurses to get involved and take an active role in being engaged and empowered, and to bring their unique training, knowledge to the political arena to help of push policies that future the global agenda (Nickitas, 2016). The WHO helps empower nurses and gives them a platform to then assist in preparing a global strategy (Nickitas, 2016).

Multiculturalism and Diversity

Nurses and other care givers understand the complexity and diversity of the world as it is today. Nurses must always strive to deliver culturally competent and compassionate care in order to take part in assisting the progression of the social and economic agenda of maintaining healthy and productive societies (Nickitas, 2016). Regardless of race, class, religion, etcetera chronic illness, social determinants of health, and health disparities will occur in the patients that we care for, and it is the nurse’s responsibility to be ethical and to practice with altruism (Nickitas, 2016).

Jenny’s Learning of Global Approach

Advanced Practice Nurse Influence

As an advanced practice nurse I am sure I will get involved politically. I have been politically involved before with the California Nurses Association and public speaking, and I am sure I will get involved again. I think my biggest downfall in this is I am such a lover, and I wish I could help everybody. We all know this is not possible. This class has helped me look at the pros and cons of every argument and thoroughly dissect the viewpoints. Right now my focus is on my 15-month old baby girl. However, I am a woman of action and a woman of faith. I know that when God puts it in my heart to advocate, I listen and I am a fierce advocator. One thing as an advanced practice nurse that I would love to get involved in is a childhood immunization program. Immunizations are pivotal and so important in the overall global health, and I am a strong advocate of childhood immunizations. As nurses we are given a lot of influence, and we need to use that influence to do good and help prevent the spread of disease.


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