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Project Charter Elements

Project Charter Elements

For the purposes of this discussion, you are to focus your main posting on one of these constraints. Please don’t spend all your discussion real estate talking about all three, but focus on the one you are assigned to here. You are assigned to discuss PROJECT TIMELINE.

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Project Charter Elements
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Project Charter Elements

When considering the elements of a project charter, project managers focus on the three vitally important elements of scope, cost, and time. Project managers call these elements the “triple constraint” and group them together, as modifying one will typically affect the remaining two. Although the “triple constraint” may serve as the backbone of a project charter, other elements can also prove to be important.

In this Discussion, you analyze how the “triple constraint” impacts the development of a project charter and describe two additional project charter elements that you believe to be influential.

To prepare:

Review this week’s Learning Resources on the elements of a project charter.
Think about the impact of scope, cost, and time on the development of a project charter.
By Day 1 of this week, your Instructor will assign you one element of the “triple constraint.” Reflect on how it impacts the development of a project charter.
Consider which project charter elements aside from the “triple constraint” are highly influential.
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