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Nursing Leadership & Management RN-MSN—APA

Need Nurse Leader Homework Essay with Evidenced Based Source Regarding Nursing Informatics APA 1-2 Pages

Nurse Leader Only ๐Ÿ™‚

for 1-2 page Essay,  

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Nursing Leadership & Management RN-MSN—APA
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Must Have: Evidenced Based Source Citation

Subject: MSN Essential V: Nursing Informatics

Three Questions:

Nursing Leadership & Management  RN-MSN—APA

Please review the Masters Essential V: Informatics and Healthcare Technologies: Recognizes that the masterโ€™s-prepared nurse uses patient-care technologies to deliver and enhance care and uses communication technologies to integrate and coordinate care.

1)   How does the use of data mining, EHRs/EMRs, Telehealth and the use of technology in nursing education and research influence the decision-making process?

2)   What are some benefits and consequences of the growing use of technology in healthcare settings to address the complex care-related issues, with which providers are often faced? 

3)   Provide current scholarly and evidence-based sources to support your discussion.

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