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MN 514 Unit 1

MN 514 Unit 1

Consider the following:

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MN 514 Unit 1
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What is your area of nursing expertise? I am a Hemodialysis Nurse
What is your current position or work in nursing? I currently work as a hemodialysis unit as a Clinical Coordinator
What are your goals and expectations of this course and how will these relate to your career objectives? To be able to grasp a better understand of the managerial roles and day to day operations of the healthcare business.
Next, consider your own healthcare employer and answer the following:

How vested in HR is the healthcare organization? What kind of resources do they invest in managing HR?
Where does your organization invest the majority of its resources?
How does change in workforce composition and skill level affect human resource practices and systems?
Please include 2 references and subtitles for each paragraph, put in APA format

Tags: nursing human resource


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