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Unit 9 DQ response 1

Unit 9 DQ response 1

to below DQ 100 words with one peer reviewed scholarly journal article apa format

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Unit 9 DQ response 1
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Unit 9: Topic 1: Policy Implications of Patient Safety Standards and Practices


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As healthcare professionals we have an obligation and responsibility to protect patients whether their under are care are not (American College of Physicians, 2014). And as a registered nurses we have a responsibility to protect patients, especially children and the elderly if there is a possibility of abuse of any kind. Many patients are vulnerable when they sick and are susceptible to being mistreated. When it comes to patient’s safety the two ethical principles healthcare professionals adhere to is beneficence and nonmaleficence. So let us continue to look out for patients and provide a safe environment. We may have to intervene and/or report co-workers who are mistreating patients. Policy can be a major influence on scientist decisions-making that can lead to human error (Elliott & Resnik, 2014). Policies are designed to protect patients and employees. There are times when policies have to revise or changed to better support the patient. Reporting to organizational leaders on human errors is vital. It’s essential that reporting errors as the foundation in preventing errors and future errors. Reporting human errors to leaders can be reported verbal or written especially when patient’s safety is involved (Robinson & Hughes, 2008). So it’s important that we are proactive when reporting any errors and/or if patients aren’t in a safe environment or around safe people.


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