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quality check/compare between two hospitals

quality check/compare between two hospitals

1.Go to these links and compare your facility to another hospital in your area. The facilities I want to use is St.Joseph Hospital in Houston (one I currently work) and Memorial hermann Sugarland. As a change agent pick one of the topics (THE TOPIC OF MY CHOICE IS-2012 Care Measures (AMI, CHF, PNU, and SCIP)) and discuss how you can implement change in your department to bring your quality scores up. Post your hospital scores in your presentation. 8-10 Sentences.

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quality check/compare between two hospitals
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2. Post a constructive feedback to RICHIES POST.

Below are the hyperlinks to the websites where our information (quality/HCAHPS) can be accessed by the public:

The Joint Commission Quality Check:

US News:

US Department of HHS (Hospital Compare):


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