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Need answers to the following question

Need answers to the following question

1.How do you plan to manage your academic commitments and your other commitments while enrolled in the Program?

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Need answers to the following question
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How are you planning to balance your life and academic responsibilities so as to optimize your chances to be successful in this rigorous program?

2. What do you believe is the role of a Licensed Practical Nurse in healthcare today?

Please provide examples of the duties and responsibilities of a nurse.

3. Discuss two policies in the Practical Nursing Student Handbook and the impact they will have on you while you are in the Program.

4. Currently, approximately 20% of Licensed Practical Nurses go on to become Registered Nurses. Other than the purpose of becoming a Registered Nurse, why have you chosen to enter the Nursing Profession as a Licensed Practical Nurse?

5. Please describe your academic accomplishments and personal attributes that will contribute to your functioning as a competent Licensed Practical Nurse.

this is the link to the student handbook in other to answer question 2.


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