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Evidence base table

Evidence base table

In this course you have been asked to identify 3 research articles that pertain to a practice issue (PICOT question)that you have chosen. You will appraise the research and determine the currency of nursing practice related to the practice issue. This is the basis of evidence-based practice. To assist in the appraisal of the research, you will do an evidence table using the three articles that you have identified. The template for this assignment will be provided to you.

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Evidence base table
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The research articles used for this assignment must be reports of single research studies (use the research articles that you submitted for the literature search).

Literature reviews, program evaluations, psychometric evaluations, systematic reviews and meta-analysis or meta-synthesis are important pieces of evidence but are NOT appropriate for this assignment. The research articles that you identify should meet the following criteria:

Be current (published within the last 5 – 8 years)
Be complete reports of single research studies
Be from a peer-reviewed, scholarly journals
It is preferable that the article is from a scholarly nursing journal, but it is recognized that nurses may be a part of an interdisciplinary research team that publishes in journals outside of the discipline of nursing. In this case, one of the authors of the article must be a nurse. It is imperative that the nursing perspecti


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