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Evaluating weight loss

Evaluating weight loss

You are evaluating a 78 year old white male who comes to your office today with unintentional weight loss of 10lb in the last year, self-reported exhaustion weakness based on grip strength, and slow walking speed, and low physical activity. Notes that he has been feeling worse over the past 6 months and just does not have the strength to do anything anymore. The patient states they are not currently on any medications except a multivitamin. He notes that he lives alone and does not want to leave his house. Answer the following questions with supportive rationale:

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Evaluating weight loss
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What questions should you as the patient/family to further assess?
What screening tools would be appropriate in this case?
Do you have concerns with fraility in this patient? If so why?
What referrals should be made if any on this patient?


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