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Dissemination Plan

Dissemination Plan

Discussion: Dissemination Plan (2 points): Content Possible Points Dissemination plan is applicable 1.0 Point The dissemination plan is welldefined and described in enough detail to guide the learner 1.0 Point Detailed response provided to one peer in response to their dissemination plan. Response provides guidance for the development of the dissemination plan. Response to Peer Posting Possible Points 0.5 Points Dissemination plan is not well-defined and/or enough detail is not provided to guide the learner Possible Points 0 Points No dissemination plan is identified. No details are provided to guide the learner. 0.5 Points 0 Points Response not detailed No peer response is enough to provide posted guidance for the development of the dissemination plan. Comments/ Points Earned

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Dissemination Plan
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