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APA Fomat, No Plagiarism

APA Fomat, No Plagiarism

Examine a patient centered protocol/policy at the facility where you practice that incorporates
evidence-based practice and possibly a theoretical framework (theory of nursing).
* If the patient-centered protocol/policy doesn’t formally mention/include a theoretical
framework (nursing theory), then make recommendations for which theoretical framework
(nursing theory) would be appropriate to guide the policy for nursing practice. Indicate why
you believe that the theory you selected could improve the policy and why. Lastly, re-write
the policy with theory included and cited with references.
* This is an assignment that totals three pages. Use the first page to copy (with citation and
proper reference) the policy/protocol as noted in the facility. The second page are your
thoughts and example of how to improve this policy/protocol based on incorporating theory
into it. The third page is a reference list.
* NOTE: A policy/protocol generally outlines the care that will be provided to patients in a
designated area of practice. Theories do not describe how a procedure is performed, but
offer foundational knowledge to understand underlying dynamics occurring within
patients and/or the setting.

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APA Fomat, No Plagiarism
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