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Mobilization Plan

Mobilization Plan

Create an 8–10-slide mobilization plan PowerPoint presentation (with detailed speaker’s notes) for a mobilization plan by your health care organization to commit 20 nurses to participate in a 4-month-long multinational effort to treat patients exposed to a highly contagious virus in a hot zone in Africa.Nursing leaders must incorporate approaches that are inclusive and respectful of all stakeholders in the health care workforce, patient population, and the larger community that is served by the organization. Communication among members of teams, between departments and service lines, within large networks, with strategic business partners, and with patients, families, or support persons requires awareness of various facets of effective communication and cultural competence. A mobilization plan for an international medical mission requires careful planning of organizational structure roles, power distribution, and team member empowerment.SHOW LESSBy successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:
Competency 1: Identify nursing leadership priorities using a systems perspective.
Identify the major stakeholders within the health care system that would be affected by the mobilization plan.
Competency 2: Apply systems theory and systems thinking to facilitate health care delivery and patient outcomes.
Apply systems thinking to determine the impact of the mobilization effort on hospital staffing and care patterns.
Identify key actions needed to assure quality of care and safety for mission patients and personnel.
Competency 3: Analyze the role of multiculturalism and diversity in organizational and systems structure and leadership.
Examine potential multicultural and diversity issues that mission personnel may encounter.
Competency 4: Evaluate how power relates to health care organizational structure, behavior, and leadership.
Describe the medical mission team’s organizational structure and how power is distributed.
Assess how the organizational structure empowers team members.
Evaluate potential power issues that may arise when dealing with a multinational contingent.
Competency 5: Communicate in a manner that is consistent with the expectations of a nursing professional.
Write content clearly and logically, with correct use of grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.
Correctly format citations and references using current APA style.

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Mobilization Plan
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Leadership is often referred to as a power relationship and to be in a leadership role is to have some degree of power (Grossman & Valiga, 2013). The power that comes as a natural part of being a leader can be used most effectively not by control; but by influencing the direction of a group and the accomplishment of a vision. Power does not come just from having a position of authority; but also from having self-confidence, knowledge, a sense of purpose, and commitment to an ideal. Good communication skills, flexibility, a willingness to collaborate with others, as well as being open to other ideas and risks are sources of power. Leaders empower others by sharing the vision and inspiring commitment to a project or mission.
This assessment is based upon the scenario below. The scenario is very limited in detail; where more detail is needed, incorporate any assumptions you make to flesh out the scenario. It is intended to assess your ability to communicate your approach to a challenge by evaluating issues of organization, leadership, safety, quality improvement, multiculturalism and diversity.


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