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PSYC305 Week 3 Motivation and Leadership Assignment

PSYC305 Week 3 Motivation and Leadership Assignment

Week 3 Assignment

Case Study

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PSYC305 Week 3 Motivation and Leadership Assignment
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the following resources for this activity:

6, 7



Read the
following scenario and write a response considering the provided questions.

As leaders, there are times in our lives when we will be faced with very
difficult moral dilemmas. And even more, when we lead teams of people, we will
find ourselves helping them navigate their difficulties. So, here’s the
scenarioPSYC305 Week 3 Motivation and Leadership Assignment .

The hospital’s
newest employee, Tom, a bright medical social worker has a full case load. Tom
has been on this job for 3 months, but is a seasoned professional in this


Tom’s past experience is from a small hospital with a caseload of 12 patients
per week. Here at Mercy Hospital, he has a caseload of 45 patients each week.
he is required to the do the following:

Lead a
Coping Skills group twice a day

Call and
schedule services for 9 patients per day

Meet with
4-7 patients per day

Close 20
cases per week

Tom is
feeling overwhelmed by the high volume. Each of his cases are protected by
strict HIPAA laws. But he doesn’t want
to appear incapable by his new boss. Tom takes 10 of his files to his home and
works on the patient information there. One day, while looking through the
files at home, he realized that 2 of the folders were missing. The folders
contain patients’ full names, diagnosis, home address, etc PSYC305 Week 3 Motivation and Leadership Assignment .

Truth is,
Tom only takes paper copies of his patient files with him to his home, so his
supervisor would never know that he had misplaced his patients’ personal and
medical information as he can still access the originals saved on his computer
at work. What is unsettling for him is that he can’t find the paper copies of 2
of his patients. Tom recently had about 20 people in his apartment for a
“Goodbye” party for his younger brother heading off to college, so
lots of unfamiliar people had access to the files that sat on his desk. Tom
alls you panicking because he can’t find the files. What should Tom do in this


What is
Tom’s responsibility?

What are
the patient rights?

What is the
hospital protocol?

Would Tom
make a good leader? PSYC305 Week 3 Motivation and Leadership Assignment

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