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nurs6051 Week 8 assignment

nurs6051 Week 8 assignment


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nurs6051 Week 8 assignment
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Week 8 assignment

Assignment: Creating
a Flowchart

Workflow analysis aims to determine workflow patterns that
maximize the effective use of resources and minimize activities that do not add
value. There are a variety of tools that can be used to analyze the workflow of
processes and clarify potential avenues for eliminating waste. Flowcharts are a
basic and commonly used workflow analysis method that can help highlight areas
in need of streamlining. nurs6051 Week 8 assignment


In this Assignment, you select a common event that occurs
regularly in your organization and create a flowchart representing the
workflow. You analyze the process you have diagrammed and propose changes for

To prepare:

Identify a common, simple event that frequently occurs in
your organization that you would like to evaluate.

Consider how you would design a flowchart to represent the
current workflow. nurs6051 Week 8 assignment

Consider what metrics you would use to determine the
effectiveness of the current workflow and identify areas of waste.

To complete:

Write a 3- to 5-page paper which includes the following:

Create a simple flowchart of the activity you selected.
(Review the Sample Workflow of Answering a Telephone in an Office document
found in this week’s Learning Resources for an example.)

Next, in your paper:

Explain the process you have diagrammed.

For each step or decision point in the process, identify the

Who does this step? (It can be several people.)

What technology is used?

What policies and rules are involved in determining how,
when, why, or where the step is executed?

What information is needed for the execution of this step?

Describe the metric that is currently used to measure the
soundness of the workflow. Is it effective? nurs6051 Week 8 assignment

Describe any areas where improvements could occur and
propose changes that could bring about these improvements in the workflow.

Summarize why it is important to be aware of the flow of an

Remember to include a cover page, introduction, and summary
for your paper

nurs6051 Week 8 assignment


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