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MN577 Women’s Health Focus Essay Paper

MN577 Women’s Health Focus Essay Paper

Kaplan MN577 Unit 9 Assignment


MN577 Women’s Health Focus

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MN577 Women’s Health Focus Essay Paper
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Unit 9 Assignment

Assignment Directions

For this Assignment,
you will select one of the following case studies below. Then, using the case
information and best evidence, complete the chart below. Make sure to address
all columns in the chart.

Select a case study of
interest to you from the listed scenarios belowMN577 Women’s Health Focus Essay Paper.


Case #1: Jane

Jane is a 42-year-old
G4P2103. Jane is divorced and works long, hard hours as a real estate agent.
Jane was having irregular and heavy menses for 6 months, and then they abruptly
stopped 3 months ago. Jane has been having nausea and vomiting for 6 weeks but
attributed it to having the flu recently. She also admits to gaining about 10
pounds in the last few months and experiencing breast tenderness. Jane comes to
the clinic today to discuss menopause symptoms and treatment. During the visit,
a urine pregnancy test came back positive. During the exam, you palpate a
16-week-size uterus and get fetal heart tones of 165. Jane is in disbelief.

Case #2: Natalie

Natalie is a
27-year-old G4P0120. Natalie is married; she and her husband both work two
part-time jobs to cover the bills. Natalie presents to your office at about 20
weeks gestation for her initial OB visit. Natalie states she has not been
evaluated prior to today for the pregnancy because of lack of funds and ability
to get off of work. Natalie also complains of multiple yeast infections during
this pregnancy. During your interview with Natalie, you find she has no known
medical diagnoses, she is not taking medications, she is a smoker, and she has
a negative surgical history. Natalie’s OB history includes two spontaneous
losses at 8 and 12 weeks gestation and a loss of a 32 weeks infant following
premature rupture of membranes. The 32 week infant was 7 pounds; lived 24
hours; and experienced hypoglycemia, respiratory distress, and sepsis infections.
Natalie tells you she waited to seek prenatal care until this point because she
did not have enough money to pay for the visit. She and her husband are still
paying off medical expenses from the death of their 32 week infant. She tells
you that she probably would have waited longer, but she keeps getting these
terrible yeast infections. On exam you note a fundal height of 26 weeks and
urine dip reveals 1+ leukocytes, 1+ protein, trace blood and 3+ glucoseMN577 Women’s Health Focus Essay Paper.

Case #3: Katie

Katie is a 17-year-old
G1P0. She presents to your office with four missed periods in a row. Katie is a
high school student; she is in the 10th grade. She lives with her mother and
four siblings. You ask Katie about the father of the baby and she tells you he
states “that baby is not mine.” They are not speaking to each other right now.
Katie tells you she has been “vomiting a lot and her stomach hurts when she
pees.” A urine pregnancy test comes back positive. Katie is so confused because
she has been using douching after intercourse as her method of birth control.
You ask Katie about the father of the baby, and she tells you he states “that
baby is not mine.” They are not speaking to each other right now.

Katie’s past medical
history is positive for chlamydia twice in the last year. She was treated at
the Health Department but never went back for a follow up. Katie has had no
surgeries and is on no medication. When asked, Katie states her last known
weight was about 120. Katie’s V/S are BP 110/70, temp 102.5, weight 107. You note
enlarged cervical lymph nodes, FHTs are 160, fundal height is 18. Katie’s urine
reveals 2+ ketones, 2+ nitrates, and 3+ leukocytes.

Case #4: Sara

Sara is a 32-year-old
G1P1001. She presents to your office for a 6-week postpartum check following a
normal vaginal delivery of a healthy baby girl. Sara had an 18-hour labor with
Pitocin augmentation and delivered a 7 pound 2 oz. girl with a second degree
laceration repaired with sutures. Sara spent 2 days in the hospital and was
discharged home with her infant and husband. Over the last few weeks, Sara has
called the office multiple times with questions about breastfeeding and her
sutures healing. Upon walking into the exam room to see Sara, you see her baby
in the stroller crying and Sara sitting on the exam table crying into her

Complete the following

MN577 Unit 9 Pregnancy
Case Review Chart

Description of the
case chosen:

Subjective data, identify both given and
needed data
Objective findings, identify both given and
needed data
Diagnostic or laboratory testing needed with
List of three differential diagnoses with
Medications and or treatments needed with
Patient education needed Referrals for collaborative care needed with

Make sure to address
all sections. Do not leave any section blank.

Include relevant
subjective and physical objective findings.

Identify appropriate
diagnostic and laboratory testing needed.

List at least three
differential diagnoses with rationales for choosing.

Identify usual
medications, treatments, or patient education needed.

Determine referrals
for collaborative care.

Summarize the case
study and include any further research, diagnostics, procedures, or follow-up

Provide evidence-based
referencesMN577 Women’s Health Focus Essay Paper.



Before finalizing your
work, you should:

be sure to read the
Assignment description carefully (as displayed above);

consult the Grading
Rubric (under the Course Resources) to make sure you have included everything
necessary; and

utilize spelling and
grammar check to minimize errors.

Your writing
Assignment should:

follow the conventions
of Standard English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.);

be well ordered,
logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful;

display superior content,
organization, style, and mechanics; and

use APA 6th Edition

How to Submit:

Submit your Assignment
to the unit Dropbox before midnight on the last day of the unit.

When you are ready to
submit your Assignment, click the Dropbox tab and select this unit’s basket
from the dropdown menu, then attach your file. Make sure to save a copy of your
work and be sure to confirm that your file uploaded correctly. MN577 Women’s Health Focus Essay Paper

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