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IRLS613 International Negotiation Essay Paper

IRLS613 International Negotiation Essay Paper

IRLS613 International Negotiation

Week 4 Midterm Exam

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IRLS613 International Negotiation Essay Paper
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Question 1
tracks with CO1: In the practice of
negotiation, how do you know when a conflict is ripe for intervention?

Question 2
tracks with CO2: What is the function of
a conciliation commission and what role(s) does it play in mediating conflict?


IRLS613 International Negotiation

Week 6 Research Paper

project tracks with course objective five (CO5): Assess the existing theories of causation on
the potential for conflictIRLS613 International Negotiation Essay Paper.


product: 8-10 page, double-spaced, 12
point font brief with a one-page executive summary. Your work should be adequately subheaded in
bold to give your reader a roadmap.

Early in
2013, Stephen Walt’s blog provided a list of intractable conflicts. As a group he coined them “the
‘too-hard’ box.” Not all of them
are intractable in the sense that the
parties have engaged in open conflict, but still, they are puzzles when
we think about applying international negotiation tactics. Some of them, through the negotiation
process, have made considerable headway since 2013. Please choose one of Walt’s ideas and write a
background paper on the conflict, what specific international negotiation
efforts to solve the conflict that have been made, and future prospects. See
[] . Just close
the advertising box and read the blog – you don’t need to sign up or register
with Foreign Policy. If that does not
work for you, here is a list of the conflicts to choose from:

1. Cyprus – the Greece-Turkey territorial

2. The Arab-Israeli conflict

3. The Korean Peninsula

4. Kashmir

5. UN Security Council Reform

6. The Democratic Republic of the Congo

7. The Cuba Embargo – solved in 2015 but issues

8. The European Union

9. Climate Change

10. Former Soviet Fragments – Armenia and
Azerbaijan over Nadgorno-Karabakh; Chechnya; breakaway provinces South Osetia and
Abkhazia. (What about Ukraine?)

Your final
project should be 8-10 pages, double-spaced, not counting a cover page (if you
wish – not necessary), the References List, and any appendicesIRLS613 International Negotiation Essay Paper.

note: You should be using Turabian
author/date reference list style. If you
are unsure what this means, please review the Turabian Quick Guide, noting the
use of “author/date” style.
This is not optional in the MA in International Relations and Conflict
Resolution degree. If you are under
another degree plan that mandates a certain citation style, please let your
instructor know.

background paper should consist of the following subheaded sections:

1. Statement of the problem

2. Issues

3. Complicating factors

4. Possible solutions within the framework of
international negotiation methods – Note:
If progress has been made, indicate what international negotiation
methods were used.

5. Recommended course of action

6. Anticipated Outcomes and analysis



these sections may beg for enumerated points, please do not use bullet lists or
other short-cuts to academic writing.
Write in full sentences, not fragments.
Position your arguments as the first sentence of the paragraph for
clarity. Follow arguments, ideas, main
points, etc. with evidence as support, analysis, and a transition to the next
point. In other words, follow a basic
IRAC structure for each paragraph – issue, rationale, analysis, conclusion.

About footnotes
and endnotes: For everyone in all
programs, you may use footnotes or endnotes – but not to hold sources. Footnotes in Turabian author/date style are
meant to hold superfluous information – things you’d like your reader to know
but they are not critical to your argumentation and support. Sources belong only in the References List
and are noted in the text parenthetically as (author date, page)IRLS613 International Negotiation Essay Paper.

Instructions for Assignments and Rubrics

assignments should be written in Word and uploaded as attachments within the
Assignments section of the classroom.
Use 12 pt. font and double-space.
Be sure to put your name and class information on the document and put
your name on the file. Insert page
numbers. Assignments will be graded
using a rubric appropriate for your class level.




IRLS613 International Negotiation

Week 8 Final Exam

Question 1
tracks with CO3: Considering that no
negotiating process can achieve absolute parity, which side of the Northern
Ireland Peace Process “gave in” to the demands of the other and with
what results? Explain your answer in the
context of short- and long-term gains.

Question 2
tracks with CO4: Should the United
States ratify the Law of the Sea Convention?

To address
the questions, compose an essay of no fewer than 2 and no more than 3 pages per
question (double spaced). You should not conduct outside research and should
concentrate on using the course readings to display that you’ve completed them
and understand their general arguments. IRLS613 International Negotiation Essay Paper

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