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Communication Through Oral Delivery of a Presentation Essay

Communication Through Oral Delivery of a Presentation Essay

Unit 9 Assignment: Communication Through Oral Delivery of a

This Assignment will assess your knowledge based on the
following outcomes:

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Communication Through Oral Delivery of a Presentation Essay
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GEL-1.3: Demonstrate college-level communication through the
oral delivery of original materials in Standard English.

GEL-6.05: Adapt research skills to discover and sort
relevant sources to complete tasks.

Assignment: Prepare a Microsoft® PowerPoint (or similar
resource) to accompany your voice over presentationCommunication Through Oral Delivery of a Presentation Essay.

There are numerous career options available for business and
finance students. It is useful to know the expected salaries and projected job
demand and other parameters relevant to the industry.

In this Assignment, you will learn more about the career of
interest to you, by presenting your findings to your instructor and prospective
students. This Assignment will help you to develop skills necessary for career
development and job performance. Given the outcome of your research of career
choices, you will demonstrate college-level communication through the process
of oral delivery to present your findings. Use PowerPoint (or similar resource)
to create your presentation.

Through the use of electronic libraries/databases, you will
present career opportunities in your field to educate yourself and potential
students. You will write about your chosen career options using a sustained view
point and purpose. You will narrate your slides with clear annunciation, and
academic-professional tone with minimal back ground interference. You must
compose your Assignment in original materials in Standard English to
demonstrate college-level communication. Use this information to then prepare,
organize, and present a PowerPoint presentation. Follow these Instructions on
how to provide voice over/oral communication to a PowerPoint presentation. For
assistance in your search of career opportunities, use the Library and specific
keyword searches to assist in your collection of data.

Assignment Checklist:

A. A minimum of 11 slides to supplement your oral
presentation is required. The PowerPoint (or similar resource) presentation,
based upon research regarding your chosen career, is to include:


1. Title slide

2. The job description

3. Explanation of the skill set needed to perform the job

4. The demand for the job

5. Salary projections for the chosen career field

6. Explain how your current qualifications match up to the
skills needed

7. Explain the websites you have visited and what you
learned from each

8. Use in text citations where appropriate on your note slides Communication Through Oral Delivery of a Presentation Essay.

9. Use APA 6th edition formatting and citation style for
your reference slide and cite at least three search references. Review the APA
formats found in Writing Resources accessed through the Academic Success Center
within the Academic Tools area of the course.

B. Respond to each area in a thorough manner, providing
specific facts, figures, and skill sets matching the qualifications applicable
to your chosen career.

C. Demonstrate logical and appropriate transitions from one
idea to another, including word choice and oral expressiveness while leading
the audience to a dynamic and supported conclusion.

D. Your presentation should be highly ordered, logical, and
unified, and demonstrate original thought.

Unit 9 [MT217]

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E. Oral presentation skills required in your presentation:

1. Narration of your slides to have clear annunciation,
academic-professional tone, with minimal back ground interference.

2. Communication is highly ordered, logical, and unified to
include an introduction, main content, and conclusion.

3. Oral delivery techniques, including word choice and oral
expressiveness, display exceptional content, organization, and style, while
leading the audience to a dynamic and supported conclusion.

F. Address the critical elements listed above and in the
grading rubric below to demonstrate your competence of the Unit 9 Assignment Communication Through Oral Delivery of a Presentation Essay.

Directions for Submitting Your Assignment

Be sure to respond to the presentation requirements listed
in the Assignment rubric below. Submit your presentation to the Unit 9
Assignment Dropbox. This Assignment is due by Tuesday, midnight ET. Communication Through Oral Delivery of a Presentation Essay

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