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Whether or not to Lower the Drinking Age to 18

Whether or not to Lower the Drinking Age to 18


For several years, society has debated the issue of whether or not to lower the drinking age to 18. Listed below are the common arguments for lowering the drinking age and the common arguments for keeping the drinking age at 21.

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Whether or not to Lower the Drinking Age to 18
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Yes – Lower the drinking age
Setting a particular drinking age is arbitrary and illogical. Moreover, setting the drinking age at 21 in America is unrealistic and unenforceable because other legal privileges are conferred at age 18. Americans can vote in elections, serve in the military, sign contracts, and marry without parental control at 18. By setting the drinking age higher, we treat young adults like children. Some young people engage in responsible social drinking at age 16, while many over 35 routinely display immaturity when consuming alcohol Whether or not to Lower the Drinking Age to 18.


No – Keep the drinking age at 21
Eighteen to twenty year old kids cannot handle the right to drink alcohol. A response to this issue from the National Highway Safety Administration states that it is perfectly logical to say that a person may be ready to accept a certain right at one age, but not another right until a later age. An 18 year old may be perfectly capable of carrying out a military service but at the same time not be ready to drink. After all, individuals in the military receive extensive training and live in a highly disciplined environment. Additionally, research indicates that the brain is still developing between the ages of 18 and 21. Consumption of alcohol at a young age may adversely influence brain development.

For opinion paper 2, you should consider both sides of the argument and then write a 1-2 page paper that expresses which side you agree with and why. As before, you should submit the paper to me via Blackboard. You should support your opinion with at least two credible references. The paper should formatted according to the APA FORMAT The instructions also identify what “credible” references are. Whether or not to Lower the Drinking Age to 18

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