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Week 6 Discussion Nursing Research

Week 6 Discussion Nursing Research

Begin your discussion by sharing your problem statement and research question. Next, discuss your sampling plan. In addition, discuss your research design. Consider the following as you craft your response. Week 6 Discussion Nursing Research

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Week 6 Discussion Nursing Research
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  •  How will the sample be selected?
  •  What type of sampling method is used? Is it appropriate to the design?
  •  Does the sample reflect the population as identified in the problem or purpose statement?
  •  Is the sample size appropriate? Why or why not?
  •  To what population may the findings be generalized? What are the limitations in generalizability?


Research design

  •  What type of design will be used?
  •  Does the design seem to flow from the proposed research problem, theoretical framework, literature review, and hypothesis?

Research Proposal Draft

By the due date Assigned, write a 1-2 page  addressing the sections below of the research proposal.


  •      Sample/Setting: Number and criteria for inclusion and description of place in which data will be collected.
  •      Sampling Strategy
  •      Research Design: Type (e.g., Quasi-Experimental), description, and rationale for selection.

Week 6 Discussion Nursing Research


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