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Project Management Communication Plan Essay Paper

Project Management Communication Plan Essay Paper

You are completing your project planning activities for the project you have been assigned to manage. The remaining component is the communication plan that you need to present to your project sponsor at the end of the week. Using the library, determine the necessary components of an effective project communication plan. write 2-paragraph description of the critical audiences that must be included in your communication plan. Next, choose 3 of those audiences, and answer the following questions for each audience:


• What information must be shared with this audience?
• What is the mechanism you will use for each type of information?
• What is the frequency with which you must share information?
• What will you do if the communications are not proving to be effective?
• What technology will you use for your communication?
• At what point could communication about the project become an ethical or legal issue? Project Management Communication Plan Essay Paper

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Project Management Communication Plan Essay Paper
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