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Models of Teaching in Physical Education Evaluation Essay

Models of Teaching in Physical Education Evaluation Essay



This assignment will be in the form of an essay that evaluates models of teaching in physical education. The student should examine and review appropriate research and theory to formulate a framework as to how a particular model could be implemented within the typical lower school physical education curriculum. A key goal of this essay should be to look at the key characteristics of the various models to determine which is best suited to facilitating engagement within the typical physical education program offered in the Western Region of Melbourne (or equivalent Models of Teaching in Physical Education Evaluation Essay.

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Models of Teaching in Physical Education Evaluation Essay
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The essay needs to be of approximately 1200  words length. Your analysis and discussion of existing research and theoretical perspectives should form the framework to highlight your ideas in relation to the use of curriculum models to facilitate student engagement.

You could use the following sections (presented in the form of paragraphs):

  1. Introduction:What are the reasons underlying the need for using curriculum models in physical education. How might their implementation lead to improved teaching and learning in physical education? You need to include a specific aim or aims for your essay.


  1. Body of Report 1: include evidence of the theory/research related to two or preferably more of the models you have investigated. This involves the examination of both theoretical reviews or texts and information derived from actual research studies in relation to the models reviewed and analysed

  1. Body of Report 2: On the basis of your analysis of a model or models and the associated literature detail how you think the implementation of these curriculum approaches could serve to facilitate student engagement within your current partnership setting, or a partnership setting (preferably 7-10) with which you are familiar.

  1. Conclusion: How does knowledge associated with curriculum models affect the area of physical education teaching and student engagement? Detail future directions of research and theory regarding curriculum models and the relationship of the essay content to your role as a physical educator and improving student engagement.

  1. Areference listis required (NOT a Bibliography). You need to cite a minimum of three books and four journal articles that you have examined for this essay. NO Web References may be used in addition to the hard copy references. Please note: you can of course use the web to find academic journal articles Models of Teaching in Physical Education Evaluation Essay

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