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Healthcare Management and Organization

Healthcare Management and Organization

Conduct research on these 2 principles of managememt controlling and leading. You have been asked to give a presentation to a group of new managers in a health care setting. This presentation must cover each of the 2 principles discussed above. For each principle you will need to provide a real world example in which a leader has successfully performed the function and the impact that function had. You need to demonstrate in your presentation the value each principle has in the real word.


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Healthcare Management and Organization
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• Your presentation should be in Microsoft PowerPoint

• Be 4 to 6 slides in length (not including the cover slide or reference slide)

• Include comprehensive speaker’s notes

• Include appropriate graphics, images, and slide transitions


  • Provide the definition of the principle and then follow up with an example. You should do this for all of the principles listed in the reading.
  • Summary slide
  • References slide

Make sure to

  • Use images
  • Include slide notes
  • Cite your sources in your notes whenever you bring in research

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