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Medical Reimbursement
Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
Understand the various data sets utilized in the payment for post-acute care.
Course outcome assessed/addressed in this Assignment:
Examine the reimbursement processes of different health insurance plans.
Go to the Home Health Compare website at:
Source:Home Health Compare. Retrieved from
Explore the site including the green link “About the Data” and the blue side bars “Home Health Spotlight” and “Additional Information” and answer the following questions:
List a way in which “Home Health Compare” can be utilized;
What is the difference between “process” and “outcome” care measures?
What are the current data collection periods” for the home health available measures?
What is the data source for the majority of the process and outcome measures?
How is the data collected?
What is meant by the term “risk adjusted” as it relates to outcome measures?
Review the Medicare coverage for Home Health. What are the typical services covered and not covered?
What is the HHABN and how it is utilized?
Conduct a search for a home health agency in your state by using the “find a Home Health Agency” search box. Narrow your search by using the “Modify Your Results” if you choose.
Choose three agencies to compare and click “compare now”.
What type of services are provided? Are there any services not provided?
Write a 2–3 paragraph summary of the results of the “Quality of Patient Care” results for your three agencies. Include the following:
Provide an explanation of the data and why the information is important for the selected measures.
How your selected agencies compare to the state and national averages for the selected measures.
Why is preventing unplanned hospital care important?
Provide the answers to the questions and your 2–3 paragraph summary in a Word document

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