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World history homework help


Throughout the last eight-weeks you have been learning about the religions of the world; what they are, who adheres to them, their belief systems, how they are related, et cetera. In addition, you completed your multi-media presentation, Week 7 Project My Favorite World Religion. For the Week 8 Forum you are being asked to upload a copy of your presentation to this forum so your fellow students can provide comments and encouragement for the research you have completed and reflect on how an understanding of world religions can help you in your own career and place of work.

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World history homework help
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Please do the following:

  • Upload a copy of your My Favorite World Religion presentation as an attachment on or before Thursday. Double check to make sure it is uploaded and visible for your fellow students to view.
  • Reflect on how an understanding of world religions and what you learned in this class can assist you in your career and place of work. As a reference, please see the AAC&U Intercultural Knowledge and Competence Value Rubric.

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