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week 4 PowerPoint.

. Be related to a concept or subject we have discussed in this course 2. Be something that you are interested in researching in an academic fashion 3. Ask a specific question that you’ll try to answer using the resources available to you as university students. Some example questions might be: a. How have people organized to protest social or political issues like pipelines or immigration? b. How does “class” influence a person’s diet? c. How do companies convince us to adopt their brands as part of our personal identities?

This 6-8-page paper is designed to provide you space to investigate a topic relating to this course. Please choose a topic that we have discussed in class (i.e. processes of socialization, sexuality, crime and deviance, etc.) to investigate. You will be tasked with: 1. Asking a sociological question, and then 2. Using the space provided to answer that question in depth, drawing on academic articles and other high-quality sources.

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week 4 PowerPoint.
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FORMAT: Font: Times New Roman or Calibri, size 12pt, double-spaced, standard margins Citations: ASA, APA or Chicago. You must use at least 4 academic sources. Your textbook counts as a single source, no matter how many chapters you use. Fewer than 4 academic sources will result in a significantly lower final grade. Style guides are available online or through the UVic Library Length: 5-7 pages, double-spaced, not including title page and works cited

Some important detail in week 4 PowerPoint.

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