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Please go here (Links to an external site.), where you will find trade agreements that the U.S. has with other countries. (If the link is not working, go to (Links to an external site.). You will want to type in preferential agreements in the search bar to find the main navigation window and choose a country from there.) 

Please pick a country and read up on the following:

  • Investment Climate Statement, in general
  • Foreign Investment, in particular

NOTE: it may be difficult to find pages that have a header that say exactly ^^^. The International Trade Administration, unfortunately, changes their pages around a lot. So, read around to find more information on this.

For the discussion board–> Please summarize the information you found. Also, please express your opinion on the investment climate the U.S. has with the country you have chosen. Does it seem reasonable or unreasonable? Why?

I want to clarify a few points on Discussion Board posts:

  • Please remember to write which question you are answering

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