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Presentation and discussion of business case proposals

Making the Business Case


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Presentation and discussion of business case proposals
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Presentation and discussion of business case proposals. I will give some examples in the prior class.

Each person will identify a technology solution for a business problem. You will make your case for funding.

· State any assumptions you feel are necessary.

· Let the class know what role they should assume (the decision maker).

· Develop your answer in a few slides. Submit on blackboard. Use power point – send the file not a link.

· You will “make your case” to the class. The financials are a key piece in making your case. You should plan on about 30 minutes including questions and comments from the class.

· At the end you will ask the class for their vote – up or down to fund your solution.

Follow this format:

Business Context

Business Problem

Business / Technology Solution

Quantitative Justification

Qualitative Benefits

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