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Philippine Book Report

2. Choose a literary work (a novel, collections of poetry, short stories, plays) by any Filipino or Filipino American author. To guide you in your choice, look through the authors we have read in class (refer to syllabus).

3. Do not write a book report on a single short story or a few poems. Instead do a report on a whole collection. Also, do not choose a book of essays or research work. 4. Provide a brief summary of the book, then analyze it from a specific approach in literary criticism (for example, close reading, structuralism, deconstruction, feminism, Marxist thought, reader-oriented theory etc.).

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Philippine Book Report
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5. Other possibilities are: intertextual analysis (this work in comparison to other literary, visual, music, or film texts; doing additional research on the context of the work.

6. Book reviews will be graded based on the following: ideas and/or arguments presented; supporting details, additional research, organization.

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