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Module 7 Discussion Questions

Your answers for each question must provide enough details to support your answers. Include references in APA format.

  1. You are at a crime scene and you notice a mobile devise is next to the workstation. Describe the main concerns for securing the mobile device and steps you would follow to meet search and seizure requirements to ensure data is not compromised or lost.
  2. Describe each of the main hardware/software components used in cell phone communications. As a forensic investigator, what cell phone hardware/software component would you focus on in an investigation?  Provide your reasons for selecting the hardware/software component.
  3. Describe some of the challenges a forensic investigator faces with collecting evidence in a cloud environment.

Please check for grammatical errors. Please do not use books or journals as references, only online sources. Please answer questions by numbers.

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Module 7 Discussion Questions
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