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lead 3

Ch. 5 – Attending to Tasks and Relationships: Watch the series of clips from the movie Crimson Tide (or watch the whole movie if you want, it’s very good) and look for examples of task and relationship behaviors. Which behavior do you tend to favor? How could you better integrate the two?

Ch. 6 – Developing Leadership Skills: In this chapter, Northouse divides leadership into three kinds of skills – administrative, interpersonal, and conceptual. Do you think some of these skills are more important than others in some situations? Do you think lower levels of leadership (e.g. supervisor) require the same skills as upper levels of leadership (e.g. CEO)? Why or why not and explain your response.

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lead 3
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Of the skills discussed in this chapter, which ones do you most need to work on? (Use the

questionnaire results as a guide). Specifically, how could you go about doing that?

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