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Gang essay

For your final project, you may choose to prepare a Final Research Paper or a Kaltura video research presentation on up to two of the following topic areas ONLY:

  1. A gang of your choice (i.e. Bloods, MS-13, Crips, etc.)
  2. A gang-type of your choice (i.e., street gang, rogue police gang, crime ring, female gang, outlaw motorcycle gang, etc.)
  3. Gang intervention strategies (i.e. sociological, societal, educational, etc.)
  4. Law enforcement gang-intervention strategies

Write a research paper between 4-6 pages (excluding title and reference page, no abstract needed) or record a 15-20 minute Kaltura video presenting and discussing your research on your topic choice. You are expected to select up to two major topic areas as the focal point of your research. Your paper or video should reflect in-depth research and your research must include at least two scholarly sources.

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Gang essay
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