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Food addiction

Watch the video in Dr. Mark Gold, who is a world-renowned expert on addiction-related diseases, and Ashley Gearhardt, PhD., a food addiction expert. Read the article in Week 8: Learning Materials that discusses “Food Addiction” in general and then locate a second article that deals with your population specific program, i.e. family, pediatrics, women, psychiatric, geriatric, acute care, etc

In your three page journal submission, discuss the concept of Food Addiction and possible scenarios or patients that you are likely to encounter in your practice as an APRN.

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Food addiction
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Finally, discuss your personal thoughts on food addiction – is this real or junk science? Why or why not? How do you intend to address obesity in your own practice?

Please include the following subheadings

• Concept of Food Addiction

• Patient Encounter Scenario

• Personal thoughts on food

• Impact on NP Practice

• References

Please note the APA rule online spacing

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