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Feature Story

You will report and write a feature (or profile) story. The topic is about how TIKTOK is the new trend. Your feature will include: a headline, a lead, a nut graph, body, and kicker. You must interview 2-5 people and correctly include quotes. The story should be no shorter than 600 words and no longer than 1200 words. If you feel your story lands outside those parameters, let’s chat. Keep in mind feature stories…

•  Are found in every section of a newspaper – national, international, politics, sports, crime, economics, travel, business, style, food, entertainment, etc.

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Feature Story
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•  Are defined by style, not subject matter.

•  Take time to tell a story.

•  Focus on the human element of the story.

•  Paint a vivid picture in the reader’s mind.

•  Include expert opinion to explain the “why” and “how” something happened.

f you do the TikTok story, you’ll need to show its popularity (and rising popularity) with some stats and figures — like # of users, # of downloads in a year in comparison to other platforms, and net worth in blank You’ll need to tell us who the primary users are… and why they find it so appealing. You’ll also want to try to dig into the science behind its success: why is it so addicting, popular? What makes it so successful. Look for a sociologist or communication scientist who can speak to how digital tech influences users.

Here is a NY Times article that may help you get started thinking about the story:

I have already written the story just edit whats neccassry and follow the guidelines of the assignment. Look up how to write a feature story and what you need to make it an interesting read. Don’t make it sound like an essay but more of a story that will grab the reader’s attention. 

Thank you

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