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Chapter 10: Drugs and the Older Adult

A Troubling Pharmaceutical Cocktail
Speaker: Dr Dee Mangin

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  1. According to Dr. Mangin, what is the problem with older adults taking a lot of pills if they need the pills. She says it is “a little bit like music” what does she mean and how does she illustrate this point?
  2. In the scenario of the 70-year-old woman with various health conditions such as diabetes, COPD, high blood pressure, etc the speaker says the most important part of this scenario is what?
  3. In Canada one in ___ people on five or more medicines have a drug side effect the leads to the need for medical care.
  4. This is equivalent to ___ jumbo jets full of passenger crashing, killing all on board.
  5. What is the vision of the research project?
  6. What two examples does she provided as positive observations as a result of their work?

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