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Topic:  This assignment will save your life IF you complete this correctly.  The outline is an intense skeleton for your final critical analysis essay.  The outline is actually like you writing your full critical analysis essay on “My Last Duchess.  As always I have attached a sample.  Really look at the sample and review it before beginning your work.

Directions:  Please look at the sample that is attached.  What you see in BOLD AND IN PARENTHESIS is me showing you HOW to write an outline.  You must type an outline, which must include roman numerals, numbers, and letters. Your outline MUST look like the sample shown. Of course you should not have the directions like what is underlined and in in parenthesis.   Here are the rules:

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1.  You must use Arial or Times New Roman

2.  11 or 12 point font size

3.  Everything must be  typed and double-spaced

4.  You will need your thesis statement, your Works Cited, and the poem “My Last Duchess”.

5.  You cannot use personal pronouns like: I,me,my,we,us, our.

6.  You cannot use contractions like: didn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t, don’t, etc.

Take your time and review  the sample attached.  If you do this correctly, your final essay will be a piece of pie!  The second sample is a sample outline that student started.  Take a look at the the second attachment as well, to show you how your outline should flow.


SUMMER I SAMPLE OUTINE 2020.docxPreview the document

IN CLASS SAMPLE OUTLINE-1.docxPreview the document— This is sample of how your outline should look, but this is using another short story.  Of course this outline is not complete, but I thought it would be great to review.


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