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Craft a support plan for a military family.

Supporting a loved one in the military is truly a duty of its own. It is even more so if the military personnel suffers from trauma related to their military experiences. As a helping professional taking this course, it is likely you have studied suicide, motivations for suicide, ideations, assessments, and interventions.Think about what the family of an active duty military personnel or a veteran might face if their loved one becomes suicidal. How does the family react? What recourse does a family have? Could it be different for active duty personnel versus a veteran? For this Assignment, review this week’s resources.

The Assignment (1 page):

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Craft a support plan for a military family.
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Craft a support plan for a military family.
Include strategies or steps for military families for intervening with the loved one who may be suicidal.
Consider this plan if the individual is active military and how a military command might play a role and if the individual is a retired veteran. How might a command impede or encourage an active duty member to get treatment?
Support your strategies with two scholarly articles. Provide full APA 7-formatted citations for your references.

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