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Case study on FORD ISO 14001

The purpose of this assignment is for student to review ISO popular standards and select one standard with a case study to do a research.

Case study on FORD ISO 14001

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Case study on FORD ISO 14001
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The final product will be about three pages writing (single space, Time NW 12) and 4 PPT slides covering the following items:

• A selected ISO standard with a brief summary of major points (standard’s name, description, purposes, requirement, and benefit), 100-200 words length.

• A case study under your selected ISO standard, a summary of major points should contain, but not limit to: company name, business background, type of ISO certification and benefits, problems (if any) and business improvement and performance, tools and techniques used in the implementation (e.g. LSS, quality, SWOT, problem solving tools,…).

• Any pictures, graphs, and diagrams related to the case study.

• References

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