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Business & Finance homework help- Operations Management homework help

You will recall that your Project Sponsor wanted to see a regular performance evaluation report. For this assignment, you will create a one page summary report that includes the following items:
Report / Executive Summary – Summarize the finding of your report briefly (1 or 2 paragraphs); this should include the major finding of your report, as well as, your recommendations. It should be concise and direct.
Current Status of Project — In this section, you want to provide details regarding the current status. Tell whether or not the project is on or behind schedule, over or under budget. If there are variances, tell why they exist. What has gone wrong? What is going right? Provide the EVM data here, including CV, CPI, SV, & SPI. Explain what these values mean. Provide an brief analysis of what has happened in the project so that the reader understands why the variances exist, specifically.
Forecast Future Performance – Based on the analysis, where is this project heading? Provide a forecast of future performance using EVM. What is the EACf and ETC for this project? Be sure to explain what these numbers mean in understandable terms.
Recommendations – Based on your analysis, tell us what areas of the project are of concern. Is cost or time a concern in these areas? Does the scope need be considered? What are some possible solutions for cost and schedule related problems that might be applicable?
Supporting Data – If relevant to your calculations and analysis, provide supporting data in the final section of the report as an appendix. The supporting data is not constrained by the 1 page limit, but all other sections are.

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Business & Finance homework help- Operations Management homework help
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